Capacity Building Manager

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Capacity Building Manager

The Capacity Building Manager is a key figure responsible for revitalizing cricket structures nationwide. This role involves developing and executing comprehensive strategies/plan to enhance the proficiency of coaches, umpires, curators, and administrators. Collaboration with various administrative units and providing customized support are essential components, contributing to the elevation of coaching and administration standards. The coordinator oversees the planning and execution of workshops, serving as a champion for best practices and skill development. Furthermore, his/her role extends to ensuring the sustainable growth of cricket in the USA through visionary planning.

Job Details

Depending on experience
Required Skills & Experience
• Bachelors or master’s degree in sports management, education, organizational development, or related field. Advanced degrees or certifications in sports development, coaching, or organizational capacity building are beneficial.
• Proven experience in capacity building, training, or development roles, preferably in the sports sector. Demonstrated ability to design and implement effective programs.
• Strong understanding of cricket operations in the USA, including challenges and opportunities at all levels.
• Expertise in developing and delivering training programs, curriculum design, and workshop facilitation.
• Familiarity with current trends in sports development, coaching, and management. Ability to apply these practices to cricket capacities.
• Excellent project management and strategic planning skills. Ability to manage multiple projects, prioritize, and deliver results.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills, engaging effectively with stakeholders in various roles.
• Proficiency in partnership development and stakeholder management.
• Experience in evaluating and monitoring the effectiveness of capacity-building programs.


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