Network Partner (Professional Game)

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Network Partner (Professional Game)

A central element of ECB’s Inspiring Generations Strategy is the sustainability of 18 First-Class Counties (FCCs). The working relationship between the FCCs and ECB is pivotal.  The County Partnership Agreement (CPA) was introduced in 2020 whereby during the current funding cycle (2020-2025) FCCs receive distributions from ECB. A key part of the CPA is the two-way Partnership Review Process where FCCs are supported to continue to make progress against agreed Standards  across a number of areas within the business.

Your role will be to manage that working relationship with personnel from FCCs on a day-to-day basis with particular focus on the CPA and the Partnership Review Process.  High quality liaison with staff within FCCs and developing respect and credibility with the FCC Chief Executives and other staff members will be a critical success factor.  You will be working across the whole spectrum of the professional game with both men’s and women’s professional domestic cricket.

You will also be expected to develop outstanding working relationships with colleagues within ECB and other County Stakeholders.

Job Details

Depending on experience
Required Skills & Experience
Ideally, experience of working within a FCC or professional sport. An understanding and appreciation of the pressures on FCCs is preferred.

Excellent relationship management skills and emotional intelligence.

Strong project management experience.

Ability to build strong working relationships with internal and external colleagues.

Ability to identify potential risk areas and to take initiative in managing difficult situations.

Strong communication and writing skills.

Gravitas and the ability to influence, managing upwards when required.

Experience in business development and change management.

The ability to gain a quick understanding of the finances of FCCs.

Experience of and comfortable in working in high pressure environments.

A track record in partnership working and collaboration.

Strong IT skills, with the aptitude to learn and administrate various IT platforms.

Strong presentation skills.


Contact Information

England and Wales Cricket Board, Birmingham, UK
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