Head Coach Male Performance Programme

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Head Coach Male Performance Programme

Role Summary

This role provides leadership and direction for the Male Performance Programme - Auckland Aces, through demonstrating a clear coaching philosophy and planned vision that aligns to the Auckland Cricket Performance and Talent Programme strategy.

The successful applicant will be responsible for creating a thriving performance environment for the Auckland Aces, that supports the aim of Auckland Cricket in becoming the largest producer of domestic and international talent, through both an individualised approach to athlete development and the focus on building consistently performing teams.

The position plays a key role in supporting the General Manager Performance and Talent whilst also working collaboratively with all Auckland Cricket coaching, management and support staff to deliver a male performance programme that creates alignment between our performance and talent programmes and a wider connection to our Auckland Cricket community.

Job Details

Depending on experience
Required Skills & Experience
Ability to create and communicate clear plans to support the delivery of a fully integrated elite cricket programme.
High level ability to drive self-reflection and reflection in others to optimise learning.
Leadership and presence that drives the shape of the Auckland Cricket performance environment, including managing staff and players.
Proven experience of constructive and clear communication directly with players that builds trust, especially around team selection and contracting.
Strong relationship building skills that promote effective communication and high-level emotional intelligence towards all key stakeholders, in particular players.
Demonstrated understanding and execution of pedagogy in relation to team and individual coaching.
Cricket knowledge relating to the technical and tactical requirements of the game with a demonstrated history and ability to coach a specific skill set associated with performance cricket.
Technology skills that align to the demands of modern workplace and professional sporting environments.
Coaching qualification relevant to leading a professional domestic cricket programme.
High level of drive, ambition and passion towards professional development and personal growth.


Contact Information

Auckland Cricket Association (Inc) Walters Road, Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand