Domestic Cricket Manager

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Domestic Cricket Manager

The Domestic Cricket Manager at USA Cricket plays an essential role in strategically developing and operationally managing all facets of domestic cricket in the United States. Responsibilities encompass overseeing youth, women's, and men's leagues and tournaments, ensuring smooth administration, and focusing on expansion and enhancement. The role involves meticulous adherence to cricket rules, record maintenance, and the development of player pathways. Crafting and implementing marketing strategies to elevate the profile and accessibility of domestic cricket is integral. In the organizational aspect, the manager ensures seamless execution of domestic cricket events, overseeing logistics, ensuring compliance with regulations, and fostering excellence and sportsmanship. Collaboration with hub leads and other coordinators to facilitate efficient administration for domestic cricket across the country. Working closely with development manager to establish clear player pathways and fosters partnerships with local communities, schools, and cricket clubs. One of the central commitment of this role is upholding diversity and inclusion in all aspects of domestic cricket to make the sport welcoming to all.

Job Details

Depending on experience
Required Skills & Experience
• Bachelors or master’s degree in sports management, business administration, or related field. Advanced degree or certifications are advantageous.
• Minimum 5 years of sports administration experience, preferably in cricket or similar sports.
• Leadership experience within sports organizations is preferred.
• Strong knowledge of cricket, including league operations, event management, and player development pathways.
• Experience in coordinating large-scale sporting events, emphasizing logistics and stakeholder
• Familiarity with the U.S. cricket landscape, from grassroots to elite systems.


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Houston, TX, USA
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